Living Authentically with Tahira Bharmal!


I am so pleased you are here!! 

My name is Tahira Bharmal. 

This is the space, where I share my journey to living a more authentic life. 

A few years ago, I had a break-down. I realized I was suffering depression and I wanted things to change. The battle was hard and I needed to change a few things in my life, in order to live the life I love!! 

With that in mind, I embarked on a journey to rediscover myself and step into who I really am. 

Truth - who I really am is always changing!! Because I am constantly growing and evolving. 

I have been blessed to lead a very interesting life enriched with experiences and continue to do so. 

One of these experiences has been as a Strategy Consultant & Coach. In this role, I have learnt a lot about myself. 

I have created this space to share some of my experiences, insights, tools & resources to living a more authentic life.

I am the Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Mentors Consult! We are a training & Development agency inspiring growth mindset communities around the world. To find out more about us and what we do click here

I look forward to sharing my journey with you. 

With much love and light, 



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