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Are you on the fence about jumpstarting a new business or plateaued in your current business? What’s holding you back? Perhaps it’s fear, or money or how to market yourself?


As small-business owners ourselves, we went through these same stages.


On Feb. 14 at 10 a.m. EST, join Tahira Bharmal, a Mindset Expert Success Coach; Azmina Ahamed, a Soul & Strategy Business Coach; and Michelle Novielli, a Freelance Writer & Social Media Manager, for a virtual workshop that will help you be in pursuit of a business you love! 💜

What will you walk away with after this workshop? 👐

💛 Tahira will:

- Encourage you to combat your fears.

- Inspire you to be limitless in decision-making.

- Provide you with tools to overcome self-doubt, and make that jump.

💛 Azmina will:

- Provide clarity in your business model.

- Help you realize your unconscious money blocks and assist you in overcoming them.

- Design your money mantra.

💛 Michelle will:

- Determine who your audience is, and where to find them on social media.

- Assist you with overcoming any social media fears by encouraging you to master one platform at a time.

- Teach you how to generate content and create a calendar for easy planning.

The workshop will start with a presentation from Tahira Bharmal, a Mindset Expert and Success Coach, who will speak about fears and limiting beliefs and how they pose as an obstacle to moving forward with our business plans.


Next up, Azmina Ahamed, a Soul and Strategy Business Coach, will take you through developing a money mindset mantra in order to transform doubt  and shift you to start showing up authentically to attract what you really want for your business with your new mindset.

Lastly, Michelle Novielli, a Writer and Social Media Manager, will walk you through how to market your business on social media, without getting overwhelmed by technology.

At the end of the workshop, we have a special gift to offer you. You’ll be provided with calendar links to book a FREE 45-minute coaching call with each of us. We’ll address your specific business situation and how we can help you evolve.


Again, that’s a 45-minute call with each presenter for FREE!


Sign up today for this exclusive virtual mini workshop for budding small-business owners.


Remember, we were once like you. We’ve got your back!

February 14 2018 

10am - 130pm EST

 Online (a link will be sent) 



Burlington, Ontario

L7M 0K1



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