Tahira's Story

Living a life that feeds mind, body and spirit! 

Tahira Bharmal is a Canadian, born in Kenya with South Asian heritage.  


Tahira is a Certified Coach Practitioner and Certified Group Coach.  She graduated from the University of Ottawa with BA Honors (Cum Laude) in Mass Communication. She also has a Diploma with Distinction from the London School of Journalism in Journalism & News Writing. 


Tahira has 10 years of experience in the Corporate World as a Business Development Manager & Marketing Manager. She now works as a Consultant & Coach with businesses to tackle where they can maximize their potential and implementing a growth mindset within their teams. Tahira is a believer in developing the backbone of any organizations - its people!!


She specifically works with leadership teams on: diversity inclusion; leading with authenticity; overcoming personal limiting beliefs & fears to be stronger, empowered leaders; &  leading without bias. 


Tahira's diverse background contributes to her experience and ability to relate to people from different walks of life.  This also is the source of Tahira's passion with what she does. Her belief is that "we can all live a life we love if we are able to tap into our true potential - and that comes with a continuous willingness to learn and grow"


She is also the Co-Creator of Mentors Consult, an online membership based site that strives to inspire growth mindset communities. 


Tahira is an advocate for positive change in gender issues, parenting, education, and personal growth.  

Why Coaching?

Life is a gift. This journey is beautiful and deserves to be lived authentically. Unlike other gifts, this one doesn't come with a manual and cannot be returned. We have to figure it out along the way.


And in this case it is definitely the journey that is beautiful. Sometimes we need help along this journey. We all deserve to live our lives to our fullest potentials - with confidence, truth, stress free, and success.


Success is relative and for me is defined by how true I am to my authentic self. Also, for me failure is not trying! If I try and it doesn't work out - I have succeeded and know I gave it a shot - no regrets! 

Most of our truths lie deep within us. As your coach, I will help you dig deep and find your inner truths and together we will build tools to help your authentic truth stand out.

What is the difference between Coaching  and Counselling?

Counselling looks at your past and coaching looks at your future. Counselling aims to heal, while coaching aims to grow. Coaching is creating an empowered relationship between your coach and you to realize your true potential and get to living your true life and enjoying the gift and journey.

Coaching deals with where you are right now. Your coach stands with you in identifying what is working and how to overcome the challenges.

Counselling focuses on finding out the issues of the past and healing them.

Certified Group Coach
  • Certified Coach Practitioner - Certified Coaches Federation

  • Diploma with Distinction in Journalism & News writing from The London School of Journalism 

  • B.A. Honors (Cum Laude) Mass Communications from The University of Ottawa