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Can you ask for help?!!

Asking for help is one of the most difficult things for us humans to do!!

There is a stigma attached to it! If we ask for help we are showing weakness and vulnerability!! Well I call bullshit!!

We teach our children and youth of our society to seek help when they need it. It is a principle we teach them everyday and even more so when we work with them to be part of a community. Community service teaches us to give help. Well it also teaches us to receive help.

We encourage individuals suffering from mental health issues to ask for help. Help is good. Help is life-saving.

To NOT ask for help is weakness. We aren't designed to do it all on our own!! We are social beings! Community based!

Vulnerability is not bad! It is in fact necessary for us to function at our authentic best. Read Braving the Wilderness or Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown and you will understand the role vulnerability plays in living complete whole lives.

Everyone needs help. CEOs need help from their assistants to function at their optimum. Families rely on help from one another to make things work and run smoothly. I need help personally and professionally to give my best to my world.

So ask for the help you need. There is bravery attached in seeking the help you need. It is just a matter of perception!

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