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Success in your Surroundings!!

"Surround yourself with those who only lift you higher" Oprah Winfrey

When we think of surroundings, we normally just think of our physical surroundings! Surroundings are in fact, our mental, emotional & physical spaces!! A key factor to success that is often overlooked is our surroundings!!

Or we only pay attention to our physical surroundings. Whilst our physical surrounding is important, it is not the only surrounding we need to worry about. Achieving success (however you define success) has a lot to do with our mental and emotional spaces.

We may not be able to control certain things, but we can definitely choose to control what our mental and emotional states look and feel like. What are we feeding our minds with. Who are we surrounding ourselves with and what are they doing for our mental and emotional well being?

For me to be completely productive, my physical work space has to be clutter free. I cannot function with paper work around me or in environments that are heavy with things. Likewise, if I am mentally and emotionally cluttered, I lose my ability to be clear and focused.

There is a misconception that we can leave our worries at the door and be in work mode when we are working. Our physical, mental and emotional states are intertwined and affect one another. If one is in pain or fogged up, it is going to seep into the rest. The end result is procrastination, frustration and stress. All antidotes to success!

Be mindful of your surroundings in all the three areas. Assess who and what you are surrounding yourself with. Are the people around you adding fog or bringing clarity and vision? Is what you are feeding your mind (music, books, conversations, magazines, etc) contributing to you being your best version or making you function at below average?

Come up with a list of things and people you want to surround yourself with that are going to inspire you to work towards your success quotient. Be mindful that you are doing the same as well (you aren't adding fog to someone else's surroundings).

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