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strategy consulting

  • Succession Planning

  • Business Development 

  • Marketing

Coaching workshops

  • Authentic Leadership Development

  • Diversity Inclusion/ Cultural Diversity

  • Limiting Beliefs & Fears and Leadership

  • Overcoming Unconscious Bias

Our unique factor

We think outside the box! And by doing so I am able to:

  • look beyond the fog, and help people who struggle with clarity, so that they can stop "feeling lost" and start to hone into their goals and achieve them in a manner that is clear and precise. 

  • help you personally grow, and start a process of inward inspection. 

  • come up with solutions for people who are ready for change (in any space of their life), and help them stop being stuck and start implementing the change all while being and exploring themselves. 

  • help people struggling with "fitting in" or who are tired of living a life not true to themselves; stop getting stuck in the limitation and fears and start living a life they love and is genuine. 

  • help people struggling with cultural identity crisis and wanting to break the shackles of cultural limitations. 

  • help businesses find their authentic voice and consult them on ways forward to achieving their goals, this may include and not limited to marketing strategies. 

  • speak at events and or conduct workshops with my areas of expertise, allowing a space for challenging dialogue and creating a space for mind shifts. 


Burlington, Ontario

L7M 0K1



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A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Instinct

Any information provided on our site is kept confidential and not shared with any third party. We use your information solely for getting in touch with you. 

© 2019 Authentic Factor

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